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Centralized Docs
We identify the packages you're using and pull all the docs into a central platform.
Personalized AI Assistant
Octobot AI is your trusty AI sidekick thats trained on the documentation you're using and your code.
Multiple Workspaces
Have multiple projects you want to use Doctopus with? No problem, easily open multiple workspaces with their own docs.
Offline Docs
Doctopus allows you to access your docs so you can write code wherever and whenever you need to.
AI Code Examples
Octobot helps you go beyond the docs by generating unique code examples that may help you get to a solution faster.
Custom Workspaces
Doctopus allows you to easily add or remove any documentation sets to your workspace or.

Answers in seconds, not minutes

When you're writing code and have a question, you shouldn't have to waste time slowly sifting through dozens of messy browser tabs full of documentation to find the answer.

Doctopus automatically identifies the dependencies of your Node.js project and aggregates all of the documentation you need into one easy-to-navigate platform. In addition, our Octobot AI assistant makes finding answers faster and easier than ever so you can focus on writing code.

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Ryan C.

Software Developer @ Twitter

"Doctopus is now an integral part of my workspace every day. I'll never go back to the browser and ChatGPT."

Will S.

Software Engineer & Content Creator @ 10x Developers

"I could have really used this in my recent onboarding. This is definitely something my whole team need to be using."

James S.

Software Developer @ Chic-Fil-A

“I run 30 monorepos with 10 plus packages in each, this is a godsend for me and would be for my team.”

Andrew C.

Principal Engineer @ Happy Money

"My old workflow was a total mess. This saves me a ton of steps , which means I can write more code. That's all I care about."

Michael W.

Software Engineer @ EY

"My current project has 47 packages and Doctopus makes navigating the docs for them 1000x easier."

Emily D.

Web Developer

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